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I needed a little motivation to start working out consistently again and Vibrant Life’s Program was perfect! It was the best jump start on getting back into the groove of working out again. The workouts are quick and effective and can easily be done anywhere. I feel great, have more energy, and feel stronger everyday! Try this out- you won’t be disappointed!


Heather and her sisters are amazing! And ‘The Vibrant Bite’ is put together with a lot of thought and love. You know they cares about your well being and your struggles. I love the ‘The Vibrant Bite’ and plan on using many of these recipes in our usual rotation of dinner ideas. They were easy to make and to follow instructions! Thank you Vibrant Life Studio!


Wow! ‘The Vibrant Bite’ is such an simple, easy, straight forward program! The recipes and shopping list are clear and concise! Even a non- cook could successfully prepare these meals!

I like how the workouts are divided into sections of “warm up, work it, core blast,, stretch it”. They are easy to follow and not overwhelming. Thank you, for a fun and fresh way to tackle fitness and nutrition. You girls are AMAZING!


I have struggled with losing weight ever since I started having babies. I have given birth to five beautiful children, and even though I was amazed at what my body could do (literally create human life) I was extremely depressed with what was left after the birth of my fifth child. I felt awful about myself and powerless to change. I’d go to bed every night thinking tomorrow will be different, tomorrow I’ll start exercising or eat better, then the day would start and I’d think “When is it too early to drink my first Dr. Pepper?” I ended every day feeling awful about myself.

Then I met this beautiful person who radiated energy and positivity and was a personal trainer. I had heard great things from others who had taken her classes, but was hesitant to try. I didn’t want to fail at something again and in front of everyone. I started taking her classes and it was hard. The workouts challenged me. I was always sore and sometimes felt like giving up, there were a lot of tears in the beginning, but I kept going back. Yes, part of it was my determination to feel and look better, but I had tried in the past and nothing stuck. So, I asked myself… What was it this time that made the difference?

The answer was “HEATHER”. I have never met or worked with someone who had such a healthy perspective on health, fitness and overall well-being. She was providing me with the tools necessary to look better (workouts, macros, check-ins, training plans) but more importantly she was helping me understand who I am and that my worth isn’t measured by the way I look. She showed me how to like myself no matter my size. That I was enough at the start, I’m enough now, and I’ll still be enough wherever I end. I leave every workout feeling physically exhausted but mentally and emotionally uplifted. In my opinion, the two go hand in hand. People will ask what my secret is, and while yes I am working my booty off and I am making those hard decisions every day about what not to eat, I will happily smile and say “Heather”. Whenever I’ve felt like giving up she’s right there empowering me to keep going. She is the voice in my head reminding me that I am strong, I am able, and that no matter what I am enough.


We loved the recipes that came in ‘The Vibrant Bite’!  My favorite part was not only did they taste delicious, but the ingredients were everyday items I had on hand or could easily find at the grocery store. The banana muffins are a favorite for a quick weekday breakfast. I enjoyed having the same easy to follow format for each workout. Getting in a core blast every day was a great addition to the workout. Thank you!!


Heather with Vibrant Life Studio helped me achieve my goals, but did it in a positive and realistic way for me and my family. I wanted a lifestyle change and not just a means to lose weight quickly. She helped me understand the good and bad things for my body and how it affects the way I feel! I am so grateful for her and her help in achieving my fitness goals! My results are more than I could have hoped for in a short period of time and more importantly I feel better and more energized to take care of my busy family.


The Vibrant Bite has changed my perspective of a healthy lifestyle. It has provided me with incredible, easy meals and snack options throughout my week. I work full time and have a 10 month old baby, so I don’t have a lot of time to think about being healthy. My goal this year was to start making healthy decisions and make my health a priority. Participating in The Vibrant Bite has more than exceeded my expectations. It’s easy! And has provided real results! I would suggest this product to anyone wanting to change their lifestyle for the better!


Morbidly obese, greatly depressed and in constant pain, I finally came to the realization that if I did not make a change, my life would be significantly shortened. Knowing I did not have the strength or knowledge to lose a large amount of weight alone, I decided to seek help from Heather at Vibrant Life Studio.  Heather worked with me to build realistic goals and find workouts I enjoyed.  I loved her approach of creating “lifestyle changes” rather than going on a ‘diet’ and handing me a strict regimen of exercise. Heather helped me to find tools for success in my nutrition, encouraged me to set goals that were not tied to the scale, and empowered me to try new things so I could find styles of exercise I actually enjoy.

Instead of having the daunting task of losing a large amount of weight hang over my head, Vibrant Life Studio helped me to shift my mindset to focus on celebrating every day victories along the way, which made my overall goal so much more achievable.

Heather at Vibrant Life Studio changed my life and because of the coaching and training I received through their personalized program, I was able to lose 120 lbs and have successfully maintained that loss for over 3 years.


“I signed up for The Vibrant Bite because I was in a big rut. I knew I needed to eat healthier but what to eat? That was my biggest struggle. Ideas. So this was exactly what I needed. Some direction and motivation! The food has been great! It’s not complicated and doable. I lost 4 lbs my first week!!! 

I really like the the dinner and lunch ideas. And the tips on how to prep food to save time and having my grocery list all made out is really great too!”


I have been thrilled with my experience with Heather and Vibrant Life Studio. I happened upon a friendship with Heather by chance and knew that she had something that would change me, that she had the answer to what I had been searching and longing for.  Heather was different than the other weight loss help I had sought after. She met me where I was at without judgement and gently pushed me into places I couldn’t go on my own. She helped me dig deep into the most important part of me needing change and that was my thoughts, my belief in myself.

Once there, tackling the goals of weight loss became much easier to do. She provided me with amazing exercise routines that were created specific to me and my body. She helped me understand what I was eating and made the transition to healthier eating easier. She cheered me on and praised my successes. I lost 17 lbs working with Heather and Vibrant Life Studios, but more importantly than the weight loss and the smaller jean size, she helped me learn to like and love myself again. Heather is a blessing and a treasure. I look forward to having her cheer on my sidelines for years to come as I continue to reach for my goals.


I love Vibrant Life Studio! Heather is seriously the sweetest, most energetic lady ever! She does a great job of pushing you to work harder and cheering you on.


I love heather’s workouts! I always leave feeling sore. (in a good way!) I love the way she has the class broken down into different stations so I never get bored or feel too daunted by a certain workout. The studio is bright and cheerful with a lot of variety of equipment ranging from free weights, rowing machine, cycling, treadmill, medicine balls etc. Heather is kind and knowledgeable and anyone would love to have her as an instructor! I love the small class sizes and always feel comfortable and welcome! Thanks Heather! Can’t wait for the next class!


Heather provides an encouraging and upbeat environment at The Vibrant Life Studio. You will leave feeling sore–in a good way–and motivated to do better! I was nervous to go to my first class since it has been forever since I have exercised in a group setting, but Heather makes you feel at ease and encouraged right away! I love the class sizes, the variety of the workouts, the music, and the wonderful people in class. I would recommend it for anyone at all fitness levels since she helps you adjust your workout to your body’s ability.


I love the way I feel after one of Heather’s workouts! She is full of fun – we laugh while we sweat


I have worked out for years alone, in gyms, and in classes. I love the excellent workout routine Heather puts together for us each time and the happy feeling I have being there!!


I have been having so much fun with Heather! She is very conscientious about making sure you have the right form for any exercise you’re doing so 1. You don’t hurt yourself and 2. You get the maximum benefits!


Heather is honestly a trainer that cares about how you feel and not just results!! She asks what you want out of training and has only love for you and your goals! Vibrant life studio is a safe place where you can go as hard or soft as you want with great support!! Heather can be tough if that’s what you need, or she can be encouraging on days where you want to do nothing!! I highly recommend this studio and this trainer for whatever stage of life and training you are in!!


The Vibrant Life Studio is beyond 5 stars! Heather makes it fun and the cross- training really makes it interesting because there is something new every class. I love feeling the good kind of sore that means I’m working on neglected muscles. I have lots of exercise DVD’s, but I don’t have all the equipment that Heather has and to be able to workout, sweat, and laugh with people is great!