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Kind Words from Women Like You

I needed a little motivation to start working out consistently again and Vibrant Life’s Program was perfect! It was the best jump start on getting back into the groove of working out again. The workouts are quick and effective and can easily be done anywhere. I feel great, have more energy, and feel stronger everyday! Try this out- you won’t be disappointed!


Heather and her sisters are amazing! And ‘The Vibrant Bite’ is put together with a lot of thought and love. You know they cares about your well being and your struggles. I love the ‘The Vibrant Bite’ and plan on using many of these recipes in our usual rotation of dinner ideas. They were easy to make and to follow instructions! Thank you Vibrant Life Studio!


Wow! ‘The Vibrant Bite’ is such an simple, easy, straight forward program! The recipes and shopping list are clear and concise! Even a non- cook could successfully prepare these meals!

I like how the workouts are divided into sections of “warm up, work it, core blast,, stretch it”. They are easy to follow and not overwhelming. Thank you, for a fun and fresh way to tackle fitness and nutrition. You girls are AMAZING!