Pleased to meet you!

We are like you in so many ways.

Tired of diet culture and extreme fitness.

Wanting to feel happy and healthy without the stress and guilt.

Striving to feel good in your own skin.


As 5 unique sisters, we know that HEALTH is individual.

Your preferences matter.

Your values matter.

Balance matters.

And knowing YOU ARE ALREADY ENOUGH matters.


With our background and experience as:

ACE Certified Personal Trainers

Group Fitness Instructors

Fitness Nutrition Specialists

Behavioral Change Specialists

Moms, wives, sisters, daughters, WOMEN….

We create programs with LOVE to educate and empower women like YOU to create your own version of



Heather with Vibrant Life Studio helped me achieve my goals, but did it in a positive and realistic way for me and my family. I wanted a lifestyle change and not just a means to lose weight quickly. She helped me understand the good and bad things for my body and how it affects the way I feel! I am so grateful for her and her help in achieving my fitness goals! My results are more than I could have hoped for in a short period of time and more importantly I feel better and more energized to take care of my busy family.


We loved the recipes that came in ‘The Vibrant Bite’!  My favorite part was not only did they taste delicious, but the ingredients were everyday items I had on hand or could easily find at the grocery store. The banana muffins are a favorite for a quick weekday breakfast. I enjoyed having the same easy to follow format for each workout. Getting in a core blast every day was a great addition to the workout. Thank you!!


I needed a little motivation to start working out consistently again and Vibrant Life’s Program was perfect! It was the best jump start on getting back into the groove of working out again. The workouts are quick and effective and can easily be done anywhere. I feel great, have more energy, and feel stronger everyday! Try this out- you won’t be disappointed!


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